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Adam Lehman

Booth HeartMath
Adam Lehman is an Optimal Wellness Consultant and an international instructor and presenter. With 30 years of experience in the field of Energy Kinesiology (muscle testing) and related integrative and functional healing arts, Adam helps people transform their lives so they can experience each moment as if it’s the best moment of their life. Additionally, he teaches (and has taught hundreds of) people how to help others do the same. 

Also, Adam is a Certified Trainer and Practitioner of HeartMath®.  Since 1991, HeartMath Inc. has been developing and delivering research-based, practical, and reliable tools and technologies that enable people to align and connect their heart, mind and emotions to produce transformative outcomes—with more flow and less stress. Designed to empower people to improve their experience of life and bring their best selves to their personal, social, and professional lives, HeartMath’s tools have been proven to increase performance, reduce injuries and facilitate teamwork in the arena of sports and athletics. 

Adam will be demonstrating HeartMath's computerized heart coherence biofeedback system. A session with Adam will enable you to enter the Zone, and recognize what it feels like to be there and to stay there.
You may contact Adam via email at adam@kinesiohealth.com.