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John Ruark (San Rafael, CA) Originally from New Jersey, John came to the San Francisco Bay Area as a pilot for World Airways, after many years flying B52s in the Air force. The experience of learning mental self-regulation while encountering many highly challenging conditions during flight and later becoming an FAA certified flight instructor, provided a unique foundation for the transition to becoming a highly qualified mental mastery teacher and coach. The search for mastery in any endeavor is an ongoing process. If the “mental/emotional game” is considered a major component of elite performance, incorporating the use of neurofeedback and the ability to control emotions become important components of an effective coaching program. As a golf coach, John has worked with and coached all levels of players including those at the college level and players presently on the PGA tour. John’s main focus is on mastering putting, the short game and the mental/emotional part of the game. Continuing research on what constitutes elite performance and the benefits of neurofeedback in coaching continues to make up a part of every day. John can be reached at 415-497-7627, jwruark@yahoo.com and www.peakperformancemindcoaching.com