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Greg Warburton

SEC Group, Inner Liberty, Inc.
SEC Group Co-Founder, Author, Teacher and Professional Counselor
Corvallis, OR
Greg is an author, teacher, professional counselor, a dedicated innovator in the fields of mental health and sport performance and a life-long athlete. Greg grew up living and breathing sports. A traumatic leg amputation shortly after completing his first marathon at age 27 didn’t slow him down; he remains a life-long athlete. His own life experience and a 30-year counseling career enable him to develop a sport-performance mental training system that transforms athletes into Champions. Greg re-entered the world of Sports Performance 11 years ago focusing on Mental-Game Training…expanding the focus to Mental-and- Emotional Self-Management Skill Practice…which includes cognitive, consciousness and body-energy based methods that aren’t taught in the classroom, nor on the athletic field.

Innovative applied methodologies only survive if they produce results. Greg is working with players on the Oregon State University baseball team. In 2017, they are the unanimous pick for #1 in the nation in Division I college baseball and they are the PAC-12 Champions. Over the last 11 years, Greg has worked with key players on several Division I College Conference and National Champion teams.
Greg utilizes Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Energy Psychology (EP) which are body-energy based as key methods for his mental-training work with clients. He is also teaching how to apply modern-day brain science knowledge for consistent peak performances…teaching players that thought/feeling experiences don’t just stay in the brain, they affect every cell of your body, and teaching them how to effectively manage their nervous system activity while under the pressure of performing.

Greg started INNER LIBERTY, INC. in 01/2006 to run his own counseling and consulting business to assist coaches, parents and student athletes with achieving the inner-freedom confidence that goes with becoming self-reliant; teaching them down-to- earth, quick and effective mental-and- emotional self-management skills. Furthermore, Greg only teaches methods that he personally uses.